Land & Resource Planning and Management

Sechelt Indian Band  1991-1992  

Economic and Environmental planning for all 33 reserves across their Traditional Territory.  Creation of a project proposal and project review process.

Islands Community Stability Initiative (ICSI) Haida Gwaii  1995-1996

Brought up in 1995 to carry out six Community Forestry Seminars and a workshop on Community forestry.  Asked to return for three months in 1996 to assist in ICSI, where I supported the negotiations table, undertook policy research and advisory, and wrote articles about land and resource management and planning and the challenges to achieve socioeconomic sustainability for the archipelago.

Muskwa-Kechika Program Manager work 2000-2002

Wilderness Management Planning Course, University of Natal South Africa 2001

Sponsored (sole person from North America) to participate in the University of Natal Wilderness Course hosted by the university, US Geological Service, Wild Foundation and Wildlife Action Group in East Cape, South Africa.  Also participated in and presented at the Seventh World Wilderness Congress in Port Elizabeth, South Africa.

General Manager of Eshknam Cultural Management Services (Four First Nations JV).  2015-2021.  involved in Ongoing Cultural and Environmental Referral work related to:

  • Mining
  • Forestry
  • Transmission Lines – Multiple Traditional Use Studies.
  • Oil and gas lines – Traditional Use Studies.
  • MOTI and roads
  • BC Hydro
  • Telus


Cultural Survival Areas Project  2015-2021

As General Manager of Eshknam Cultural Management Services (Four First Nations JV).  

Wrote and facilitated the $500K Cultural Survival Area Project that involved eight Indigenous Communities from two separate Nations working together to draw up forestry management practices to protect Cultural Survival Areas which represent some of the most sensitive cultural and spiritual aspects of the Indigenous Communities involved.

Fire Management Technical Working Committee 2019-2021

Sat on the Fire Management Technical Working Committee where we identified candidate plots for prescribed burns to reduce danger to people, assets, and/or to protect cultural resources.  Recently submitted a proposal, upon invitation from FLNRO, to facilitate the process.

Recreation Planning in a Traditional Territory 2020

Led the cultural review and planning to incorporate a major snowmobiling trail through some sensitive habitat and cultural features.  Through close collaboration with FLNFRO, an archaeologist and the snowmobiling club, devised a trail management system to focus snowmobilers within an acceptable corridor and to keep off-roaders from using the trail through leaving stumps for all of the trees and shrubs.

Central Coast Consulting

Paul Mitchel Banks